What We Do

As a first-in-class precision medicine developing company, we prioritize disorders such as Dravet Syndrome to provide more safe and efficacious drug to the patients.

Scientists with Test Tube

Our Platform

Developing new drugs costs upwards of $10B and 10-15 years. In contrast to traditional rodent-based approaches, our zebrafish-based screening platform allows us to identify new drug candidates in a cost-efficient and rapid manner. Several FDA-approved drug candidates have emerged from this screen in less than three years. This original research was published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals.

Epygenix team has continuously developed lead compound, EPX-100 and others including EPX-200 and -300. Now EXP-100 is in the middle of a Phase 2 study for Dravet Syndrome. Detailed trial information is here.

Our aim is to make transformative therapies for genetic epilepsies using EPX series of compounds to improve the quality of lives of patients and families living with Dravet Syndrome and other genetic epilepsy.

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